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Showcase Your MHC with a Stunning Business Website

So, you don’t have a website for your manufactured or mobile home community. 

Why not? 

Are too many DIY options making it confusing or difficult to choose?

Is it overwhelming navigating the Web?

Do you believe that a Facebook page will do the trick? 

Too much overhead? Too costly? 

Does it seem irrelevant to draw attention to your MHC?

Or do you simply not know where to begin?

Let’s discuss.

Not Having a Website Reduces Exposure

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of having a business website nowadays, even a basic one.

People — potential MHC home owners — vet you online. They want to see your homes, the community, the places to visit in and around your location. They want to know who you are and why you do what you do. They want to believe that what you have to offer matches their values and will be a great investment.

As a buyer of anything, we bet you feel the same.

So it makes sense that having an online presence rounds out this vetting process, strengthening your business credibility.  Here’s why.

Google Search Results

We assume that you “Google” information all of the time as a consumer. The same goes for potential MHC customers. They are looking for you and your community. 

Just like you, they Google what they seek. Sometimes people just need a phone number, or your business name if they already know about you. Search results go a long way to drive traffic to your business. 

But no website means no direct result to your business — and no control over the experience.

google my business no website button mhc websites

Google Maps Results are Better With a Website 

Your manufactured or mobile home community should show up in Google Maps. This is a great way to direct qualified leads to your MHC. You need to be at or near the top. Period. 

If you don’t show up in Google search results, or near the top of the list, folks will find another manufactured home community who does. 

Facebook-Only Doesn’t Cut It

Facebook can be helpful, but if your business profile exists only on Facebook, you are missing out. 

Your Facebook page may come up in search results, but if your site visitor is on a mobile phone, chances are that Facebook will not show your page if that person does not use Facebook. 

This is important, because people are increasingly using mobile devices as their primary source of seeking information, and that trend is only forecasted to grow by as much as 72% of the population by 2025. You need to be mobile-ready by being mobile-friendly. 

facebook business page no website mhc websites

Another consideration is this: to the savvy user, a Facebook “website” only does not say “professional.” It says “free.” A website directly dedicated to your business speaks volumes about your business, not your business on Facebook.

Furthermore, Facebook controls the look and feel of a business page, and you are limited to what you can display, as well as how it gets displayed. In other words, you are not in control of the user experience in this scenario either.

A One-Page Website is Better Than None

A basic one-page website is so much better than no website at all. 

MHC website viewed on all devices.

At a minimum you need your phone number in the top bar and a main photo with a short description below it. Then, add a quick list of amenities followed by a photo gallery, so people can get a feel for your community. At the bottom, there should be a contact form that works.

Nice and simple, fun and creative. Show off your MHC!

It’s exciting to have your own business website, even simply a one-page version. 

Showcase Your Business with A Website of Your Own

There is a lot of demand to live in a manufactured or mobile home community. Yours needs to stand out. 

Our Starter Plan is perfect for a community that needs a quick and easy Internet presence. 

A one-page website, one domain name, one email address, and one content request per month. It’s everything you need for $25 a month. No term. Pretty cool, and pretty easy.

But if you don’t like what we have to offer, then search for a company that makes the website onboarding process helpful and easy for you. 

We believe it will do your business good.